Cockroach Removal Tips

If you don’t know the best ways in getting rid of pests especially cockroaches, then read on. The cockroaches that you find crawling about your house are actually one of the most common pests found on households.

Cockroaches come in different sizes, ranging somewhere between one to three inches long. The three most common types of cockroaches are the Oriental, German and American cockroaches. Each one of them are attracted to different homes and for different reasons. Understanding their nature aids in getting rid of these pests from the home.

The most common indoor roaches  are the German type. They are the ones that are attracted to water and by reducing leaks or any water access that these pests can crawl into would drastically eliminate or reduce this type of infestation.

There are many other ways to prevent them like storing your food properly so the roaches can’t get easy access or daily cleaning of the house. But once you have them the problem then becomes how do you get rid of them?

Below You Will Find A Few Cockroach Removal Tips:

Use a Flashlight
This is the first thing that you need to have because you first need to inspect the places of infestation inside your home. Use a flashlight in searching for the hiding spots of roaches like under or behind refrigerators, crevices on shelves and cabinets, under the sink, bathroom closets or cabinets, and closet door corners.

Glue Strips
For locating large infestations, you can use glue strips. Decide on which areas you can effectively catch the roaches basing from your flashlight inspection. After you have decided, monitor the areas in a few days or a week. The high-traffic areas will catch the most number of roaches and they are an indication that this specific area has to be treated.

Caulk Gaps
Even though traps can reduce the roach’s population, it wont rid of the roaches that are trying to break inside the house. Place caulk in possible entry points around the house including the gaps between tiles or walls, entry holes and small crevices.

Gel Bait
Gel baits usually comes in tubes and should be applied beneath baseboards, crevices and cracks. Although it does the job in eliminating roaches, it would result to a lot of dead roaches lying about the house.

Roach Hotels
One popular method in eliminating roaches is by putting up bait stations. They work by attracting these pests into the stations and then feed them on poison. The roaches that are poisoned would travel back to their infesting sites but will eventually die and then get eaten by other roaches. This means that by eating the dead poison cockroach, they would die as well.

Boric Acid Powder
Boric acid is a substance that can be found in household products like toothpaste and clothing detergent. They are one of the best roach killers although they can easily be misapplied due to the air currents which is harmful for the kids and pets once in contact. A technique in using this method is by adding water to the boric acid which will make it low in toxicity for people and pets but would be very deadly for the roaches.

Pest Management Professional
Hiring a Pest Control Team is the most recommended solution to this kind of problem. They can effectively eliminate the infestations in just hours plus there would be no precautions because you let the professionals handle the pesticides. Give them a call now if you are in dire need of help!