A Termite and Ant-Free Home

Although termites and ants do not really pose a threat to the health of human beings, they are still considered as pests in the home. Termites can cause great damages to any infrastructure. They chew their way through floors, walls, and furniture which leads to the eventual breakdown of the entire house. No person can readily notice the infestation of termites in the home because they are naturally silent. When their population reaches to millions, they can break down structures in just a short span of time. Ants, on the other hand, do not directly destroy the structure of the home. However, they can reduce the stability of the soil in which the foundation of the house is established. For this reason, ants are still considered as pests just like termites.

Fortunately, they are many ways to eliminate termites and ants in the home. It would basically start with interior and exterior inspections of the entire property, including the front and back yards. Once the home of the termites or ants is located, necessary action will be made by professionals. It is a must to eliminate the entire colony of these bugs to prevent them from growing back in population.

Five Steps to Termite Freedom by Official Pest Pros

Termite colonies grow fast. The longer they’re in your home chewing away at the interior wood, the more damage they will cause. If you find evidence of damages caused by termites or just want to take precautionary measures to protect your home or business from becoming the victim of a termite attack, give Action Pest Control a call. We’re ready to set you free from termites in five easy steps! You can go to the main site to read the full article.

Ant colony infestation is more prevalent than termites. They can create their colonies in almost any area of the home, for as long as there is sand. Normally, they would start a colony by burrowing a side of the exterior walls of the house. They can grow to millions in just a few days and it would already be tricky to control them. Good thing they can still be eliminated in any situation.

I Have Ants!

In the pictures, a Green Giant Pest Control technician is installing an ant bait station at our office in Fleetwood Pennsylvania. These bait stations do a great job of controlling ants before they get inside the building. The bait compartment is locked with a child resistant lid and the ants access the bait through holes in the stake. The bait stays dry even if the area is flooded with a few inches of rain – so it lasts a long time. Check out more of the article at http://greengiantpestcontrol.com/i-have-ants/.


It is important to have your home checked by professional pest exterminators as soon as possible. Termites and ants might already be building their colonies inside or outside your property. Preventing them from growing in number is still your best way to avoid from getting structural damages in your home. They can get really irritating if the situation is already at its worst.

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