Exterminating Flies and Mosquitoes in the Home

Mosquitoes and flies are most-often termed as disease carriers because they can spread diseases to humans and animals. They are considered as pests and must be exterminated once found, especially in the home. Mosquitoes breed anywhere as long as there is stagnant water. A single mosquito can lay thousands of eggs. Maggots can survive at almost any weather condition, even without a food source. Once a mosquito has fully grown, it can already carry diseases to human beings.


Fortunately, there are many ways to eliminate mosquitoes or at least limit their exposure in the home. Mosquitoes usually thrive in your yard, especially in areas where there are plants. A good way to prevent the possible habitation of mosquitoes in your yard is to trim your plants and remove weeds. You should also dispose of water containers that are no longer used. If you have a water reservoir, you should always make sure that it is covered at all times. These steps do not necessarily mean that you will no longer be exposed to mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can travel several miles from their breeding area so you might still notice a few mosquitoes flying around your home even after cleaning your yard. The best way to counter them is to use mosquito repellent products.

What You Can Do To Limit Mosquito Exposure

Mosquitoes breed in still water, and it doesn’t require much still water for these insects to breed. They will lay eggs in a small build up of water on an obstructed gutter, in a puddle made by a leaky spigot, in a pool formed on a tarp, on a leaf of vegetation, in the recess of a toy sitting in the yard, and more. Reducing mosquitoes begins with a reduction of potential breeding sites. When you address areas of still water, you directly affect your chances of being bitten by mosquitoes in your backyard. A typical mosquito will not travel more than about 300 yards from its birth site in its entire lifetime. If a mosquito is biting you in your backyard, it may have come from your backyard. Visit the main site to view the full article.


Flies are also another annoying type of pests. They can carry harmful diseases to your family by contaminating your food source and eating utensils. Unlike mosquitoes, flies are hard to eliminate, especially if you do not have the tools. However, with the proper tools and products, flies can be exterminated in just a short period of time.


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Eliminating mosquitoes and flies in the home can greatly reduce the risk of you and your family in getting harmful diseases. The illnesses that these pests bring can be lethal to both humans and animals. Proper sanitation is still the best way to prevent these pests from entering your home. By regularly cleaning the interiors and exteriors of your property, you can successfully establish a mosquito and fly-free environment in your home.

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