Tips on Keeping Bugs Away from Windows and Screen Doors

insect on windowInsects emerge in large numbers when the warm season draws near and they will try to get into your home. Insects tend to be attracted by window screens.

As soon as you open the windows, insects like going towards the light coming from your home. Read on through this article for some ideas on how you can keep insects away from your window screens.

 Use Insect Repellents

One of the best ways of keeping bugs away from window screens, especially during the high season of bugs, is using an effective insect repellent spray. There are many natural insect repellents available in local stores that you can use to spray on your windows from outside.

These sprays have some smells that insects dislike. The smell will prevent bugs from going near the window screens. You may have to use the repellant on your windows on a daily basis during the bug season, especially during spring and summer, or when it becomes very humid.

It is advisable to spray during evening hours especially when it becomes challenging to handle insects that are attracted by indoor lights.   

Applying Citronella Oil on Window Screens

If the bug repellent spray you’re using is not very effective, then you should try organic alternatives. Citronella oil is one of the most effective organic alternatives. Its odor is detested by many pests and this makes it effective in keeping them off your window screens.

Simply put some citronella oil on paper towels and put the towels on your windows. You may also add some drops of the oil in a small spray bottle and spray the oil on your window screens. When using this oil, be careful to ensure it doesn’t get on your skin or hands since it may be hard to clean it off.

You can also find citronella candles to keep off bugs. You can put the candles on outdoor furniture that are near the windows to keep off insects.

Prevent Insects from Returning

There’re many ways you can try to deter annoying insects from entering your home. For instance, you should ensure that your home does not have any open food or trash. You should avoid leaving pet food outside your house especially in the evening.

Also, ensure that all outdoor and indoor garbage cans and recycle bins remain covered at all times. Another preventive measure is keeping cardboards or wood away from your home since they tend to lure some pests like spiders and carpenter ants.

Some insects may be attracted towards your home by nearby trees and bushes. Thus, minimize such nearby bushes. You may also install fly screens for windows and doors to keep them outside.

Besides these preventive measures, it is also advisable to clean window screens regularly since dirt attracts insects. If you’ve tried all methods and nothing seems to work, contact a local pest control expert for professional assistance.