About Bed Bugs

Bed-BugsHave you ever experienced waking up in the morning with rashes you did not have the night before? Bed bugs may be the cause. These are small, flat insects that have excellent hitch-hiking capabilities!

Bed bugs are parasites that had been with humans from the time that our ancestors were still living in caves. Bed bugs live on crevices, or small cracks then take advantage while humans are sleeping.

They feed on human and animal blood then they slowly go back to their homes once they are satisfied. These parasites were associated with bad hygiene and on boarding house set ups, but as years passed by, bed bugs are commonly seen to thrive on clean linens.

These happened because bed bugs are also capable of moving around by clinging onto humans, when humans travel, bed bugs can spread and continue to breed in new places. Although these insects do not transmit diseases, they can still cause physical and mental problems, and they are still considered as public health pests.

Bed Bugs Treatment

Bed bugs are common almost everywhere, even in Sydney. And as one of the best pest control service providers, we promise to eradicate these pests with the use of pesticides that are safe not only for you and your family but also to the environment and your pet.

You are also assured of immediate action because we treat all your calls as urgent. We will immediately respond to your needs with the use of our customised strategies because we know that all kinds of infestations require a different treatment.

Hills Pest Control Pros takes pride in providing excellent customer service, and we plan not only to maintain that but to continue innovating new procedures to help out clients with their needs. We also have a money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with our work. But based on our years of expert experience, all of our clients were happy before we left their homes.

You can also be assured of Hills Pest Control Pros’ quality service because our company only deploys the best pest control technicians who have a wealth of experience with your current situation. Our friendly licensed professionals will also provide you tips and pest control options available for you to be able to prevent the infestation from happening again.

Why Homeowners in Sydney Choose Hills Pest Control Pros?

Our commitment is to uplift the quality of life of our clients by making sure that their homes are free from bed bugs. We are compliant with Australian standards, and we strictly follow our pesticide manufacturer’s instructions – that is why you can be sure that we will kill all the bed bugs present in your home. We also do not allow subcontractors to do the job for us because we value your home the way we value for ours. Plus, we provide free quotations, and we will not surprise you with hidden extra charges.

As part of our commitment to providing quality service, we get rid of bed bugs by first inspecting your home. Though bed bugs are called “bed bugs”, they are not only seen on your bed. They can be seen everywhere, including on your couch or even in your office.

Once we had detected the bugs, we will carefully spray earth-friendly pesticides to the area. We will make sure not to leave until all bed bugs had been eradicated. We also provide other services such as information dissemination about the habits of bed bugs, inspection and elimination of bed bugs, providing information on how to prevent re-infestation, assisting properties in bed bug management.

And since you are important to us, we make sure that we will communicate with you properly and discuss the details and requirements for the treatment we are going to perform.

Throughout the years, Hills Pest Control Pros believes that all infestations, though they may not seem like an emergency, needs immediate attention and action because they are causing you discomfort right at your home or at your business establishment.

If you think that you have unwanted visitors on your bed or in your office, these might be bed bugs and don’t hesitate to call our 24/7 hotline, and our friendly customer service associates will be happy to discuss the details with you. Call Hills Pest Control Pros today!