About Birds

Bird ControlBirds are one of the best creatures made here on Earth, but there are times when they can be a problem to you. For sure you can stand hearing them chirp on a sunny morning or waking up because you hear them pecking.

But some of the things that are not so good about them are their droppings. Their droppings are acidic which can ruin and stain car paintings, aside from this; their droppings may also cause lung and fungal problems. Birds may also carry bird mites which may cause itchiness once you are bitten.

In today’s society, animal rights are strongly reinforced, and under this law, birds are also protected. So how can you get rid of these birds without having to break any laws? Our job is to get rid of birds that keep on pestering you in a manner that will not violate their rights.

Get Rid of Birds

Being in the industry for several years, Hills Pest Control Pros has gained a good reputation when it comes to getting rid of pests. We plan not only to keep it that way but to continue innovating strategies so we can deliver our work better and provide quality service to our clients.

At Hills Pest Control Pros we also understand that each bird infestation is unique that’s why we provide a customised process for every client we are privileged to work with. You can also be assured that the tools and chemicals we use are safe for the environment, your family and of course to your beloved pets.

Since our commitment is to provide excellent service, we understand that your calls are always urgent that’s why we make sure to arrive immediately at your home to help you. Our company only deploys our best pest control technicians who are experienced in your current situation so you can be sure that all birds will be controlled before our technicians leave your house.

Why Homeowners in Sydney Choose Hills Pest Control Pros’ Bird Control Service?

Our bird control services will help you get rid of swooping, an undesirable bird behaviour usually seen during their mating season, help keep your properties from being damaged by aggressive bird behaviour or with unsightly toxic bird droppings, protect your family from Salmonella caused by bird’s faeces and prevent bird lice. Aside from these, our friendly technicians will do their work while causing you fewer disruptions at home and will provide you tips with the best pest control options available.

You can also be sure that our company will give you free quotations and will not surprise you with extra bills. We also do not subcontract because we care for your home like our own home. Plus, we comply with Australian standards – that’s why you can be sure of our quality service. If you’re not satisfied with our job, we will give your money back, and we assure you this will never happen because we satisfy all our clients.

Aside from home services, we also provide professional bird control services to commercial and industrial sites. Some of the problems that birds can cause are dropping their faeces on stocks or inventories, aggressive behaviours or too much noise, nesting on offices and spread of bacterial or fungal infections.

Birds should not be considered as pests, and they require a more delicate strategy to be controlled, let us do it for you because we have the right tools and expertise. We have qualified bird control specialists, provide free and detailed survey, advice on legislations especially on protected species or wildlife, cost effective and customised bird control, structural modifications, nest removals and flock dispersion.

At Hills Pest Control Pros, our experienced technicians will help you prevent birds from making your yard their resting place by making use of effective long-term bird control methods. They will also help you get rid of their nesting areas and install ultrasonic devices that are unique to the birds’ hearing.

Your comfort is important to us, and one of our commitments is to provide excellent client experience by responding quickly.

So if you think that there birds in your yard that are slowly destroying your properties and you feel that you and your family’s health are becoming at risk, don’t hesitate to call our 24/7 hotline and our friendly customer service associates will be happy to discuss the details with you. Call Hills Pest Control Pros today!