Castle Hill has improved concerning its economy. It continues to grow in figures as the value added by local businesses increases. This is a good time to do business in Castle Hill. According to reports, companies that are situated in Castle Hills delivered more than 7 billion dollars in 2014. The figures continue to rise even up until this date.

Many business establishments have started to sprout up in the Castle Hill region since the increase of tourism in the area. Thousands of tourists visit Castle Hill every month, and it has contributed to the drastic economic growth of the suburb. Almost 20 percent of the total sales in the area are products of tourism. This became a hotspot for business owners to expand their businesses in Castle Hill in hoping to promote their goods and services to both tourists and locals.

The local government of Castle Hill is very supportive of the economic growth of the suburb. Government officials take priority on the concerns of the local businessmen. Any amendments necessary to promote further economic growth are taken into consideration. It became a huge factor to the rise of industrialisation in the suburb while still maintaining nature preservation in various parts of the vicinity. The mayor and his councillors are even looking for ways to further improve the tourism in the area.

A recent report has been shed light about improving the railway transportation going to Castle Hill. This will help boost the growth of visitors in the suburb. The rebuilding of old infrastructures is also being considered. Improving the beauty of several places of interest in the area is also being taken into action by local government officials. Improvement in tourism can significantly impact the sales of local businesses in the region.

Aside from improving the commercial district of the suburb, residential improvement is also taken into consideration. Many immigrants have started to settle in Castle Hill. Its population continues to grow over the years. Improving housing projects can help maintain peace and order in the suburb. A larger population can contribute to accelerating the economic growth because it entails bigger budget for government projects.

Castle Hill is currently undergoing a transition phase to create a stronger economy. Many renovation projects are being made, such as road improvements. A rail link is currently under construction, which will improve the economic growth of Castle Hill.

Several network groups could help starting businessmen in the suburb. The local government has created a project to help businessmen in Castle Hill in starting their business. Specialists give training on how to make a business more profitable and productive in Castle Hill. Business planning, marketing, and financial advice are some of the things that are discussed in these government-sponsored seminars. These trained specialists travel across the area to complete their objective. They would usually post their schedule so that the public would know. This just shows how important businesses are in the economic growth of Castle Hill and the local government is always trying to make sure that there are enough business establishments in the area.