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Give us a call today for specialised pest control solutions in Carlingford – broad range of commercial and residential pests solutions such as ants, cockroaches, spiders, flies, mice, fleas, birds and whatever else that disturbs you in Carlingford, at a reasonable price.

When it seems like you’ve attempted everything to manage ants, wasps, cockroaches, termites, mice, rats and birds issues, the next phase is to contact and get Hills Pest Control Pros services. Knowledgeable about rodent and insect invasions, Hills Pest Control Pros can quickly get rid of your pest troubles with the latest approaches and products.

Not all pest control services are the same. The professionals at Hills Pest Control Pros are incredibly knowledgeable, plus they have many, many years of experience in distinguishing and wiping out pesky pests.

All of our technicians at Hills Pest Control Pros know the safest ways to manage your infestation problems. Many troublesome insects, like bees and wasps, can be quite harmful if not managed correctly.

We understand what it takes to determine and eradicate your infestation issues. Hills Pest Control Pros has specialised gear and skills to eliminate pests.

We are focused on supplying you with the most effective service possible. All of our technicians are extremely knowledgeable, well trained, and experienced professionals, utterly dependable and equipped to provide unmatched services at an affordable price. Our reviews speak for us!


Who We Are

reliable pest controlAt Hills Pest Control Pros, we’re likewise conscientious of the environment and are consistently improving upon our control systems in order to keep our environment clean for our generations to come. We go with only the most effective treatment solutions for your residence. Hills Pest Control Pros always uses ecologically safe pest control products and solutions.

Our Mission

We’ve chosen the pest management Profession so that we can continue to maintain a family practice of providing a vital and much needed solutions in New South Wales. At Hills Pest Control Pros, we assist individuals in need of high quality pest control in Carlingford New South Wales and take joy in listening to kind comments and ratings on the results of the services we provide.

Satisfying our customers is our biggest objective. Hills Pest Control Pros features the latest technology needed to deal with pest issues. We keep in line with the most up-to-date tactics and services while supplying old fashioned, precision work, total satisfaction, convenient hours, while dealing with our clients fairly.

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insect removalThere’s a lot of advantages to using Hills Pest Control Pros services. Below are the top ten great reasons to go with our solutions.

  1. Family and locally operated and owned!
  2. Carlingford insured and licensed.
  3. All of our certified specialists routinely engage in industry training.
  4. We guarantee all of our work in writing as well as your approval.
  5. We use only industry and NSW Environmental Protection Agency recognized applications.
  6. Our qualified professionals are uniformed, courteous, neat, and clean.
  7. Our service vans are professionally loaded to serve you best.
  8. We can provide you outstanding referrals upon request.
  9. We provide negotiable service options including convenient exterior only applications.
  10. We are trustworthy and reliable.

Allow Hills Pest Control Pros terminate your pest problem!

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Hills Pest Control Pros meets the maximum requirements in superior quality chemical products and service. As members of the business community, we stick to a code of ethics and our commitment to you of safety, honesty, integrity, and service.

We at Hills Pest Control Pros are driven to deliver quality and integrity to the pest control industry and pride ourselves on customer support and the best quality services provided anywhere. Our ultimate objective is to have ‘word-of-mouth’ be our best performing and efficient method of advertising.



December to February is a good time to execute termite inspections in case your home has a record of termite infestation. Carlingford is the same as any other city or town in this regard. When the temperature rises, then it’s time to get it done.


Cockroaches are considered the most common pests located in our property. They transfer respiratory disorders, ruin and contaminate food. Cockroaches are pests that live around and inside human dwellings. Filthy environments increase their numbers. As these insects rely upon man for their diet, they can even be found in the best-kept premises. They cause diseases by keeping bacteria on their body. Wiping out cockroaches at the individual level is worthless and frustrating.


You will find fifteen thousand various varieties of ants worldwide. In Australia, the most prevalent pests is the black ant. Ants are incredibly social and interesting insects until they become bothersome.


You will discover different species of spiders. They can be found in various colours, behaviours, sizes and shapes. Furthermore, lots of individuals do not like them because of their appearance. Even though their webs can be unsightly inside homes and structures, spiders are of great benefit as they feed on other insects like mosquitoes.

Stinging insects


We all like to experience the warm weather. Stinging insects such as bees, wasps, or hornets also go outside during these times. Stings from these types of insects can result in pain, swelling, infections, nausea and even death (rare cases). Not only should you be very careful when dealing with stinging insects, but you should also identify and remove their breeding nests.


The roof rat, house mouse and the Norway rat are known as the three main types of rodents in Australia and around the globe. As soon as the climate becomes colder these pests begin to find their way inside your home. That’s why it is no wonder to find them inside your home and all over your premises. They typically hunt for meals at nighttime. Their whiskers help them to find their way around in the dark. Even though they have terrible vision, their senses of taste and smell are extremely sensitive.

Fire ants

Australia has two species of fire ants – the South American fire ant and the tropical fire ant. These two species are viewed as much more serious pests compared to their harmless equivalent the common house ant.

Bed bugs


Don’t sleep in a different mattress or on the couch in case you figure out that there are bed bugs where you sleep. Also, don’t stay with your friends or family because the bugs may follow you and they are going to become a lot tougher to get rid of. Furthermore, staying far away from your home is a bad idea because the bugs may become dormant (for approximately 18 months) and may start feeding again.

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Pest Extermination

Hills Pest Control Pros makes use of environmentally friendly (green) methods of managing pests in and around your house. We use only the safest and most up-to-date solutions.

On the inside, we focus on places that pests are likely to enter the home and hide like along the baseboards, below the kitchen sinks, and in cracks, crevices, and wall voids.

Outside the house, we set up a barrier around the base of the home by treating with power spray tools and the most innovative treatments. We handle all of the trouble spots in the lawn (pool equipment, water valve boxes, river rock, etc.), and treat all around the fence line.

By frequently treating the exterior of the house, we minimise the toxicity of the treatments reducing the necessity to add toxic insecticides inside the home.

In case you still see pests in your house, we will get back to treat your residence at no extra charge – guaranteed! Contact us now to get our top quality residential and commercial pest control services. We can’t wait to see your ratings!

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Carlingford NSW

Another suburb located in Sydney, Australia is Carlingford. This suburb can be easily reached by simply taking an approximately 22 kilometer bus ride that is heading to the north-west of the central business district. Even though the transport of the place is limited, the accessibility to several places is not an issue at al since the transportation of the nearby suburbs can be greatly utilized. It has been reported that the area was resided by more Aboriginal people, however, in 1827 their number decreased. Subsequently, the post office in Mobbs Hill is where the suburb’s name was taken from in July 1833. Prior to the name that the place currently has, it had various names and the boundaries were not that evident. The suburb’s urbanization started following World War II.