Your Australian home is undoubtedly the most important element in your life. It is the place that ensures you have shelter as a basic commodity, and where you and your loved ones start the day and end it. Simply put, your home is a safe haven in which life would be extremely difficult without.

However, there are some beautiful creations of nature that are a nuisance to our homes. These things make our lives unbearable, and can sometimes compromise our health. These things are confined at the comfort of our homes, and they live with us at every part of our premises. They destroy, they disturb, they annoy, and they kill; they are pests.

Many homeowners take up the responsibility of controlling pests by themselves through various efficient methods such as proper sanitation and excellent home maintenance routines. However, some pests are naturally difficult to control, or their infestations are extensive hence requiring one to employ the services of a professional pest control company.

In Australia, pests have become like a puzzle which has proven difficult for many homeowners to solve. This has prompted many pest control companies to sprout, with all claiming to offer nothing but the best to their prospective clients. This has made it extremely difficult to choose the best. in an effort to stay ahead of the competition most of these companies have designed high-end adverts that display what they do, thus, making it a vicious cycle for a homeowner to hand-pick the ideal one that will act as a lifetime companion as far as pest control is concerned.

There are a few things, however, that you should consider in order to make an informed decision while looking for the best pest control service, they include;


As the old saying goes, experience is the best teacher. If you have been involved in something for a long time, you are probably a guru in it, and you can actually do it even with your eyes closed. This is also the case with the best pest control company. Being in the industry for many years’ means that its technicians have mastered the art of the trade. It means that they have developed in-depth knowledge, skill, and most importantly, they have come up with more innovative ways to eliminate pests. If you are looking for the best, going for a company that has just opened shop is an unwise decision. If you go for at least 5 years of hands-on experience, you will definitely be going for nothing short of the best.


A good pest control service company is one which has offered diligent services, outstanding customer care, and the most competitive prices in town for its clients for quite a long time, hence developing a solid reputation over time. Do not go for a company just because you like its slogan, or you have fallen in love with their adverts. Consider it reputation by;

  • Checking customer reviews over the internet
  • Browsing expert reviews
  • Asking friends and family members
  • Checking the reputation of the institution in which the technicians in the company attained their certifications

A company that gets the best and the highest customer and expert reviews is actually the ideal reputable company you have been looking for.


An ideal pest control company is that which gives a perfect blend of quality and affordability. Its mission and vision is not geared towards a certain section of the population, but is directed towards service to all despite their economic might. Such a company believes that pests are not selective, and are found in all types of homes, whether based in an Australian shanty or top-notch estate, hence pocket-friendliness is key.

As far as affordability is concerned;

  • Never go for a cheap pest control service. Cheap is always expensive, and if the deal is to good, quality of service, workmanship, and products should be in doubt.
  • Do not go for an expensive pest control service. An expensive service has never been a determinant of quality.
  • Always go for a company that will give you free quotes and estimates
  • Always go for the best that you can afford. This is the rule of the thumb when it comes to excellent pest control service.

Excellent Customer Service

Imagine calling for a pest control service and the receptionist is very rude, or does not have direct answers to any of your questions, what would you feel? What would be your first impression about the company?

A great company that provides great pest control services has the best policies in regard to customer service. It has;

  • Effective two-way communication channels
  • Invested in training all its staff on effective interpersonal skills hence enhancing client-company friendliness and respect
  • Employed staff who only deal with customer calls, messages, and comments on its various platforms


A good pest control service is impossible to achieve without a clear display of professionalism by a pest control company. How will you know that the company of your choice is professional?

  • It should be a member of at least one professional body
  • Its technicians should work under a strict code of conduct, whose documentation should be provided before you sign a contract
  • It should employ staff with formal education or training on the job
  • It should be accredited by a body or institution associated with the business
  • Should have proof by use of a portfolio, of quality service to society in the past that surpasses personal or business interests.


Pests can be disappointing and annoying. For this reason, you need a company that will always be there for you whenever you need their services. Check online and check what customers are saying about the company of your choice concerning reliability. Were they on time when a client needed them? Did they deliver a service on time? Did they come back when a client needed an after-service inspection? If all these questions are answered positively, be sure that this company is reliable.

If you have no access to the internet, or browsing is a daunting task for you, get first-hand information about reliability from your references.

The Tools Of The Trade For Pest Control 

Today, pest control service providers have come up with innovative ways to combat pests of all shapes and sizes. For a fact, different tools used work differently for distinct types of pests. The best service providers have, therefore, invested in training its technicians on the use of these methods which include;


Traps are highly effective for small pest infestations and do not eliminate large pest populations. The various traps a good pest control company should have are;

  • Sticky traps
  • Spring-loaded traps
  • Catch-and-release traps
  • Electronic traps
  • Visual traps
  • Baited traps

Poison Sprays

These are ideal in situations in which large population of pest are confined in a particular area. If you have stingy bees confined in one section of your garden for example, a good pest control service provider should have the right poison spray to deal with the situation.


In an instance where pests have taken control of your house, and all you can do is give them the respect they deserve and leave, go for a company that has the best fumigation tools. This is where your entire premises will be sealed off and filled with poisoned pesticides or gases, hence killing all types of pests in no time.

Humane and Green Extermination Methods

Some homeowners love using cruelty-free and eco-friendly pest eradication methods. If you are one of them, hiring a company that will offer this kind of pest control method is a wise decision. A good pest control service provider will employ the following methods.

Use of Biological Control Agents

This is the use of predatory insects to eliminate pests. These insects include mites and nematodes.

Use of Non-Kill Traps

If you do not want to kill the pests that have been compromising the comfort of your modern home, a good pest control company that you sign a contract with should come with non-kill traps that will confine the pests in small areas, and they can be released back to the wild later.

Diatomaceous Earth

This method is popularly known as DE, and it involves a compound comprised of algae skeletons that kills insects around your home by destroying their outermost waxy layers. This is the most efficient method that can be used by a great pest control company if eco-friendliness is anything to go by.

 How Much Does A Good Pest Control Service Cost?

The cost of pest control varies, but for a typical one-time pest control visit, expect a good pest control company to charge $300-$450, a cost that includes;

  • Plugging up holes in your home
  • Laying traps and,
  • Spraying for insects

If you decide to go a monthly route for the same services, you will pay $40-$50 on average

For large pest infestations, a good pest control company might charge you $200-$1,000 a cost that includes removal and thorough clean-up.

  • The cost might go up significantly depending on
  • The type and population of pests to be combated
  • The workmanship and skills required
  • The type of products to be used and their costs in your local market
  • The time spent in your compound

 Benefits Of A Good Pest Control Service

  • Identifies and eliminates all types of pests
  • Can find the source of the pests and destroy it, thus solving the problem once and for all
  • It is a time saver
  • You can spend a significant amount at one time, but it will save you a lot more in the future
  • It eliminates a myriad of health hazards