About Termites

TermitesTermites are one of the common problems that homeowners in Sydney encounter. Every year, thousands of homes are being victimised by these creatures by simply feeding on timber and cellulose of houses and buildings. Termite attacks are like tips of an iceberg, it may look simple and small, but if you’ll look at it closely, there’s more damage within.

In Sydney, there are almost 300 species of termites, but only 5 of them are considered pests to buildings and homes. Termites, just like ants, are colony insects, they are classified into different classes, and they play an individual role to help each other survive. The Queen is the one who lays the eggs; the workers are the ones tasked to look for food and the solder cast termites protect the colony from other termites and predators.

Termites usually build their colonies on trees, on building cavities and even on the ground. They then make a network of tunnels to gain access to the home or building near their colony for them to get and stock their food.

One colony can survive a number of years as long as there is the availability of food. Termites prefer urban areas because of the presence of moisture and absence of predators. They can also use the former colonies of other termites. That is why if a house had been previously attacked by termites, there is a high possibility that it will be infested again.

Termite Damage

Though they cause a lot of damages to our houses, termites have a role in our environment. They are the ones responsible for keeping our forests free from fallen timber, and they control the gum trees which are one of the sturdiest trees. The holes made by termites can also be used by birds as their nests, so if without termites, our forests will be filled with so much fallen leaves and clutter. The disadvantage of this is that termites have become one of the most destructive insects because they eat even the woods intended for our houses.

Our homes are our most hard-earned assets, and as much as we could, we want to keep it safe from the attacks of termites. But when the most dreaded termite attacks happen, one of our problems is that termite damage is not covered by standard insurances. A simple pesticide cannot terminate all these noxious bugs because termite damages are very complex and most of the time, the damage is worse than we expect. This is where we come in.

Why Choose Hills Pest Control Pros’ Termite Control Solutions?

We are one of Sydney’s best termite exterminators. We care for your home just like how we care for ours. What separates us from the others? We give you exact quotations, and we will not surprise you with extra charges.

At Hills Pest Control Pros we only send our best pest control technicians with a wealth of experience to your home, so we can guarantee you quality service plus the fact that we don’t subcontract. We can also assure you that we will give back your money if you were not satisfied with our services- something that never happened because all our clients were happy with our work!

When termites attack, the strength of our homes and buildings are compromised that is why early detection of these pests is the key. Detection can sometimes be a task, especially for dry wood termites, that’s why we use modern equipment such as sound detectors and fibre optic scopes to make our job easier causing you fewer distractions and our job more efficient.

At Hills Pest Control Pros we offer whole-house treatments and spot termite treatment eradications. We can also provide you with a preventive measure for subterranean termites where we will apply a special pesticide to the soil before your house construction continues, as long as the fill has compacted and the plumbing is installed, we’re good to go.

Or if your house is already built, we will apply a specialised pesticide on the soil around your house and your veranda. We can also do this inside your home by paying attention to your plumbing installation. You can also be sure that the equipment and chemicals we use are safe for children.

Aside from these, we also offer other services such as pest inspections, pest baiting, chemical soil treatment and other preventive measures.

So if you think that termites are slowly destroying your homes and buildings, don’t hesitate to call our 24/7 hotline and our friendly customer service associates will be happy to discuss the details with you. Call Hills Pest Control Pros today for a free quote!