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Contact us now for expert pest control services in Westleigh – broad range of residential and commercial pests services such as ants, mice, cockroaches, spiders, flies, birds, fleas and anything else that disturbs you in Westleigh, at an acceptable price.

When it appears like you’ve used all ways to control ants, mice, rats, birds, cockroaches, termites and wasps issues, the next task is to connect with and get Hills Pest Control Pros services. Experienced with rodent and insect infestations, Hills Pest Control Pros can easily get rid of your pest problems with the newest methods and products.

Not all pest control solutions are the same. The qualified professionals at Hills Pest Control Pros are incredibly knowledgeable, and have years and years of experience in locating and getting rid of pest infestations.

All of our technicians at Hills Pest Control Pros use the safest approaches to deal with your pest issues. A lot of irritating pests, like bees and wasps, can be quite harmful if not addressed correctly.

We understand what it requires to identify and eliminate your pest troubles. Hills Pest Control Pros has specialised equipment and expertise to eradicate pests.

We are invested in delivering the most effective solution possible. Our techs are highly skilled, trained, and experienced specialists, totally reliable and happy to give you unparelled solutions at an affordable price. Our consumer reviews speak for us!


Who We Are

reliable pest controlAt Hills Pest Control Pros, we are furthermore conscientious of the environment and are continually improving our control methods in order to keep the environment completely clean for the children and grandchildren. We use only the most effective treatment methods for your home. Hills Pest Control Pros always utilises ecologically safe pest control products and solutions.

Our Mission

We’ve chosen the pest control Profession so that we can continue to maintain a family tradition of delivering a vital and essential solutions in NSW. At Hills Pest Control Pros, we help out people looking for high quality pest control in Westleigh NSW and enjoy listening to compliments and testimonials on the outcomes of the solution we provide.

Satisfying all of our clients is our primary objective. Hills Pest Control Pros has the latest technologies essential to handle infestation issues. We keep in line with the most current strategies and solutions while delivering traditional, precision work, full satisfaction, convenient hours, while dealing with our clients fairly.

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insect removalThere are numerous benefits to working with Hills Pest Control Pros services. Listed below are the top 10 great reasons to go with our solutions.

  1. Family and locally owned and operated!
  2. Westleigh insured and licensed.
  3. All of our certified techs routinely take part in industry training.
  4. We guarantee our work on paper as well as your approval.
  5. We don’t use anything except industry and NSW Environmental Protection Agency recognized procedures.
  6. Our licensed technicians are uniformed, tidy, courteous, and clean.
  7. Our service vehicles are properly equipped to serve you best.
  8. We can provide you with outstanding recommendations upon request.
  9. We offer negotiable service plans including stress-free exterior only solutions.
  10. We are trustworthy and reliable.

Let Hills Pest Control Pros wipe out your problem with pests!

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Hills Pest Control Pros meets the maximum specifications in quality chemical products and solutions. As part of the business community, we stick to a code of ethics and our pledge to you of safety, integrity, service, and honesty.

We at Hills Pest Control Pros are driven to deliver quality and integrity to the pest control community and take great pride in customer satisfaction and the best quality services provided anywhere. Our ultimate goal is to have ‘word-of-mouth’ become our most beneficial and effective method of advertising.



December to February is the ideal period to execute termite inspections in case your residence has a history of termite invasion. Westleigh is similar to every other city or town in this regard. The moment the temperature goes up, then it’s time for you to get it done.


Cockroaches are known as the most familiar pests located in our house. They transmit respiratory diseases, ruin and contaminate food. Cockroaches are insects that live around and inside human dwellings. Filthy environments grow their numbers. As these insects rely on man for their food, they can even be found in the best-kept areas. They bring on diseases by carrying bacteria on their body. Eliminating cockroaches at the individual level is pointless and inefficient.


You will discover 15,000 different species of ants all over the world. In Australia, the most popular pests is the black ant. Ants are social and interesting insects until they become pesky.


You will discover various species of spiders. They come in various behaviours, shapes, colours and sizes. Also, lots of people dislike them because of their look. Though their webs are sometimes unsightly inside houses and structures, spiders are beneficial since they prey on other insects like mosquitoes.

Stinging insects


Everyone loves to experience the warm weather. Stinging pests like wasps, bees, or hornets also go outside during these times. Stings from these types of pests can cause nausea, infections, swelling, pain and even death (rare cases). Not only should you be cautious when dealing with stinging insects, but you must also find and get rid of their breeding nests.


The house mouse, roof rat and the Norway rat are the 3 main types of rodents in Australia and around the globe. The moment the climate gets colder these invaders begin to look for their way inside the house. That is why it’s no surprise to find them inside your home and all over your premises. They generally search for meals during the night time. Their whiskers help them find their way in the dark. Although they have very poor vision, their senses of smell and taste are highly sensitive.

Fire ants

Australia has two types of fire ants – the tropical and the South American fire ant. These species are viewed as much more serious pests compared to their harmless counterpart the common house ant.

Bed bugs


Don’t sleep in a different bed or on the couch if you find out that there are bed bugs where you sleep. Also, don’t stay with your friends or family as the bed bugs can follow you and they’ll become a lot tougher to remove. Furthermore, staying far away from your home is a terrible idea because the bed bugs may become dormant (for as long as 18 months) and may start feeding again.

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Pest Extermination

Hills Pest Control Pros uses eco-friendly (green) ways of controlling pests around your house. We don’t use anything but the trusted and most modern solutions.

Internally, we focus on places where pests often enter the home and hide for example along the base boards, underneath the sinks, and in cracks, crevices, and wall voids.

Outside the house, we create a buffer around the base of the house by treating with power spray tools and the most innovative applications. We take care of all the trouble spots in the property (water valve boxes, pool equipment, river rock, etc.), and treat all the way around the fence line.

By routinely treating the outside of the house, we decrease the toxicity of the treatments minimizing the need to introduce hazardous pesticides inside the home.

In case you still find pests in your home, we’ll get back to treat your property at no additional fee – guaranteed! Give us a call now to get our high quality commercial and residential pest control solutions. We can’t wait to see your testimonials!


Westleigh NSW

A suburb of Sydney, Australia that is located in the Northern area and is 27 kilometers away from Sydney’s central business district is called Westleigh. The name of the place was originated from Thornleigh. Although it was only a simple rural area loaded with citrus orchards and sandstones before, it has already improved to turn into a well-established residential suburb since 1967. The Oakleigh Oval and the Ruddock Park from the south side of the suburbs are two large parks that you can check out. Bushlands that have grown naturally can be seen in the area. At present, the population stays at around 4,481.